ACM Recruiting is closely aligned with our CRO division, ACM Research. We draw on this close collaboration to identify and deliver top notch clinical research talent to our partners. Our recruiters understand clinical operations and are ideal for translating research into talent. Our clients benefit with perfectly sourced and matched clinical research professionals for their organizations.

Whether you are looking to hire either a mid-level or a C-level executive, reach out to one of our experts in ACM Recruiting. All our recruiting staff have worked in clinical research and are clinical research natives.

ACM Recruiting sources talent for pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology start-ups and medical device manufacturers in three different ways:


we identify, screen, qualify and perform background checks for our clients when they are looking to source quality talent. We can do this for individual hires or via our Recruitment Process Outsourcing model where we work hand-in-hand with your HR department to provide you with a talent pipeline matched to your hiring needs.

Interim Solutions:

we provide functional services on a temporary basis assigning our clinical experts to augment and quickly scale-up your clinical team for up to 18 months via temporary leasing contracts. Available in Germany only via ArbeitnehmerĂ¼berlassung.


if you are looking for a short-term solution to your human resources requirments, then this model is the right choice for you. ACM Recruiting draws from its exclusive network of freelance experts who support your clinical team.
Michael Roehl, Managing Director ACM

Please contact Mr. Michael Roehl,
Executive Director of ACM Recruiting for further information: