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Allied Clinical Management GmbH (ACM) was awarded an indefinite AÜG license in 2013. This license permits businesses to lease out personnel in Germany. In order to be able to provide temporary employees to clients, individuals must be employed by a German AÜG license holder.
Our clinical research professionals work for our clients on projects for a defined time period during which ACM manages all of the contractor’s applicable tax and social security obligations. Through this arrangement, we are able to indemnify our clients against any “false” self-employment issues or liabilities which are commonly associated with individual freelancers.
We also offer non-domestic recruitment agencies the ability to collaborate with us to lend out our clinical research professionals to their corporate clients in Germany. The recruitment agency will receive a commission fee for the business and in return ACM will handle the payroll in compliance with the German labor law and tax system.
Through the AÜG contract system, German corporations can continue to engage with whoever they believe is the right person for the job, knowing that there will be no administrative or employment issues related to individual freelance contractors.

Five reasons for Corporations to choose Allied Clinical Management’s temporary labor leasing AÜG model to manage their contractor workers:


We are a German CRO with a temporary employment agency arm. This expertise ensures that pharmaceutical and medical device corporations are supplied with the best talent on the market. Lease your talent from a company which knows the business of clinical research and is a member of the Federal Association of Clinical Research Organizations. (BVMA e.V.)


Drug and device companies can continue to manage their cyclical business by contracting with ACM to lease our clinical research professionals via our AÜG contracting model. They gain flexibility and can take advantage of collaborating with the best contractor who fits their project specifications without the worry of disguised self-employment.


ACM is a member of a recognized employer’s association which means that all our employees – including the leased ones - are securely compensated. ACM pays all of its leased professionals’ applicable social insurance and we insure all of our contracted project work through our liability insurance.


Our downtown Berlin offices are equipped with state of the art technical equipment necessary for each of our clinical research professionals to perform quality work at or above industry expectations. Leased employees can easily be linked to client systems using secure VPN tunnels.


Our GCP and ISO- trained clinical research professionals possess in-depth knowledge of planning, managing and conducting drug trials and device investigations and are compliant with the latest ethical and regulatory guidelines. Our accomplished employees have experience in all phases of clinical trial development including non-interventional and investigator initiated studies.

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or call Michael Roehl at +49 30 240 478 810.

We adhere to the new legislation concerning contract employment and ensure that each contract employee who we supply to a client is fully compliant with German employment and tax law.